Barcode and expiry date printers  

Barcode and expiry date printers  

Barcode printers vary in specifications and technology from one machine to another. There are many types with features in font size and what they are able to print as some machines can pritt, barcode, of images, time, dates, codes, etc.

You can choose the date stamp machine for the product you want to print on. Barcode printers. Easy to use simple, non-complicated, designed to facilitate work by anyone

The maximum height of letters or writing to 6.5 cm and the hight to 12.7 cm distinctive for office use Barcode printing on letters and files and can be used to seal the date of production and bar code printers on plastic, metal, paper, cardboard, nylon bags, plastic and cans packed high stability to print on all food products by Ease.
Date and time stamping machine, can print short message or phrase in one line or two lines in one print with a small screen to control the choice of the desired sentence. Printing the possibility of printing two times of a single press to make the printing more clear and accurate The only higher ink of this size for printing glass and plastic reaches all flat and uneven surfaces All angles and suitable for printing bottles of juice and water can store 10 messages in the machine and can be changed any time using simple USB connection in the laptop to write messages to be printed mobile lightweight and easy to carry does not feel heavy during Sellers of your products.
Prices of barcode printers starting from 2500 riyals to 7900 riyals for manual machines where the specifications and advantages of machines and the different materials on which they are printed differ also in printing the validity date on the plastic or stamping the date of production and finishing on the metal or printing barcodes on the glass. The specifications according to the product and the choice of the company to the specifications to be printed through the machine seal date Rener is characterized as small in size and save more than a message within the memory and easy to move between messages without returning to the computer

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