Barcodes and logos printer

barcodes printing on plastic and wood

Reiner machine to print the validity date, time, numbers and barcodes on even and non-even surfaces.

Barcode printer machine  is suitable to print expiration date stamping machine, Gems and SMS to write names and write slogans and logos for the commercial owner

The RENER 940 has a large line up to 14 cm wide, making it suitable for use in warehouses for printing on wood boxes or even for printing on plastics and metals.

Reiner has produced more than one machine to suit all your needs as there are different measurements for printing in small or large lines

Store more than 4 photos or four different barcodes or dates, which can be easily selected by the screen of the machine.

Reiner machines are easy to use and lightweight, making them suitable for use as a portable printing machine

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