portable inkjet printer

 barcode, logos and serial numbers printer 
Print the expiration date on high plastic packaging

 the new portable inkjet printer needs normal batteries to start working
Maximum height of letters or writing to 6.5 cm and an extension to 12.7 cm
Printing using UV ink to protect documents and important letters from counterfeiting and counterfeiting
Office barcode printing on letters and files and can be used as a stamp
Fast and stunning fast inks on plastic, metal, cardboard, paper and wood
The handheld inkjet printer can print on curves surfaces and on both of absorbent and nonabsorbent surfaces.
Reiner machines are maintenance free, changing the cartridge is enough to start printing again.

Date stamp machine from Reiner

date stamp machine Reiner 790  provides an easy solution for everyone to print expiry date, texts, and serial number in few easy steps

Reiner 790 is perfect for the people who are looking for  mobile printer on all even and uneven surfaces, forms, bundles of documents, or envelopes.

with date stamp machine Reiner you do not need any maintenance as after changing the cartridge, you are able to start printing again

 Reiner 790 is a handheld printer is suitavle to use on different surfaces

Mobile electronic hand stamp for a wide variety of applications

Gentle treatment of surface being marked

Clearly visible print area

Simple menu-driven user friendly display

Stamping activated by a trigger button in the handle

Battery operation for added flexibility